Designing & Building a Sales Workflow For an International We Day Campaign

front-and-back-end development, visual design, analytics, email, multi-language

Me to We Style is (was) a social enterprise founded in 2007 by Oliver Madison and Craig & Marc Kielburger. It has since become a part of “Me to We”. Their product lines of socially conscious clothing are produced in Canada with eco-friendly fabrics.

In preparation for multiple “We Days”. We worked together to augment capacities of sales, marketing, and accounting staff. They would have to handle an extraordinarily high volume of custom orders (bilingually) in a very short time frame.

Photo of We Day UK 2015 by Paul Williams on Flickr
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Cameron and Adventurous Web Design built us a very high-leverage tool to handle the logistical challenge of fulfilling orders for so many We Day attendees.
Oliver Madison,
Founder & CEO of Me to We Style

Listening first to the sales staff’s existing workflows, we zoned in on the parts of the process that could be handled by a form. We hit on: personalized sales proposition, data-input, payment-capture.

Freeing sales staff up tedious administrative work of order forms and invoices was very encouraging! Working closely with the marketing team, we generated new and untapped email lists from their CRM. Reaching their prospects at scale, and with slick email templates garnered an extremely high response rate.

Over the course of the next 4 years, Me to We Style were able to reuse and repurpose (even internationalize!) the system across an even greater number of cities, students and school. This included We Day Events in 17 cities across the United States, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean.

This Application and Workflow Reached:

10+ Cities
6000+ Students
300+ Schools

Working with Me to We Style on this campaign and helping outfit all the attendees meant something to us. We helped - in some small way - to make their We Day experience as good as it could be.

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