Power the API & Web-App of a Geolocation App For Pets

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Slobbr is “A Foursquare for dogs”.

To help pitch investors, we collaborated with app founder Jon Lagasse. Together, we created the minimum viable product originally called Paw Parks.

(Click the thumbnails below for videos of the app in action.)

Cameron and his team were quick to build and iterate on the ideas that we needed in order to prove our concept. I'd be excited to work with them again.
Jonathan Lagasse,
Founder of Slobbr

Adding a REST API to the web application was the next step. We did this in order support a native mobile app, too. Coordinating with an external iOS team, we defined API endpoints to power these web and iOS features simultaneously:

Geolocate-detected Check-Ins.
Paw-Pals: Add A Friend Feature
Dog Park Searches filtered by distance from you, dogs present, friend-dogs present.
Profile Management

A clip of the basic user registration and onboarding process from an early iteration of the app:

More features: Setting a “home park”, looking at the “STAy” score, and doing the actual “checking in”. STAy score being a shorthand for Size, Temperament and Activity Level. Parks STAy scores were tabulated based on the dogs who recently checked in.

In it’s heydey, the app had a a philanthropic angle, too. This meant that a local shelter was gifted some kibble each time a user checked in. While the app is no longer available, PawParks a.k.a. Slobbr lives on in our hearts. (And our development portfolio pages.)

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